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Manchester City Centre

Manchester Technology Centre


Developers | Bruntwood
Partners | Manchester Science Partnerships, Manchester Digital, Complete Resourcing
Architects | SpaceInvader
Location | Oxford Road, Manchester

Manchester Technology Centre (MTC) sits at the heart of Manchester's Innovation District, the Oxford Road Corridor and part of Circle Square, Manchester's new city centre neighbourhood.

In Spring 2018, MTC will be home to one of the UK's exciting new tech incubator spaces, where designated coworking and studio spaces will provide a platform for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and grow their business in the city.

The tech incubator will be managed and operated by Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP) and it will use MSP’s specialist support services to help new or early stage business thrive and grow. Businesses who locate to the tech incubator will also join MSP’s science and technology community of over 300 businesses.

The expertise of MSP’s partners will also be available as part of a comprehensive business support programme, which includes access to finance, talent recruitment and retention, business advice and mentorship.