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Manchester City Centre



Developer | Mayfield is being delivered by the Mayfield Partnership, a joint venture between LCR, Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester and regeneration specialist U+I plc.
Master Planning Architects | Studio Egret West

Over the next decade, the Mayfield area of Manchester city centre will be transformed into a new vibrant urban district which celebrates the best of its natural and industrial heritage while providing new places for people to live, work and relax.

The overall regeneration vision will potentially provide 1,500 homes, c. 155,000 sq m of office space, two hotels, retail and leisure facilities and a new city park, creating over 7,500 office, retail, leisure and construction jobs.

The long-term proposals will seek to enhance many of the site’s historic features including developing and improving the River Medlock, which flows through the site. The intention is to maintain the historic buildings on the site and incorporate them in a way which will reveal a different, enthralling side to the city.

It is anticipated that over the coming months further details will emerge about Mayfield’s reestablishment as a key part of Manchester city centre.