Manchester City Centre

Portland Street Hotel


Developer | Marshall Construction (West Yorkshire) Ltd
Architect | Stephenson Studio
Contractor | Marshall CDP Ltd
Structural Engineer | Booth King
Services Engineer | AFC Ltd
Acoustician | Fisher Acoustics
Fire Engineer | Design Fire Consultants
Location | Portland Street, Manchester

55 Portland Street is a 190 bed hotel designed for the Bespoke Hotel chain on a key site in Manchester.

Following the Blitz many of the surrounding buildings were re-built with a building line that was different with its historic neighbours. The design incorporates a dramatic cantilevered façade in an attempt to re-engage with the original Portland Street building-line.

The hotel is conceived as a simple rectangular block that is modified to respond to important vistas and proximity to historic neighbours. In recognition of the Portland Street elevation, the otherwise rhythmic, ribbed box takes on a series of angled concrete blades. These blades reflect the geometry of Princess Street and help to provide a bold elevation. This motif is also adopted on the Abingdon Street elevation. It is at the junction of Abingdon Street and Major Street that the development is closest to the historic listed buildings that give Princess Street such character. Here, the elevation is modified to respond to the geometry of 101 Princess Street and changes the ribbed façade to a smaller facsimile of the Portland Street elevation. This architectural motif of angled blades set within a strong horizontal string course is intended to engage with the robust and masculine expression of the adjoining historic neighbours.

The hotel is under construction and is due to open in 2019.